Use This Medicine Once Every 5 Years And Forget About Illness! (Recipe)

5000-years old-vintage recipe became determined by using a monk at a Tibetan monastery in 1972. The recipe has millennia-lengthy records of use in remedy of numerous diseases. But, it’s very robust in composition, so it’s best advocated to be used as soon as each five years. This health-selling recipe is based totally on garlic – one of the healthiest vegetables on the planet.


This natural treatment improves your fitness on many stages. It has strong antibacterial effects, which makes it extraordinarily beneficial for preventing common viruses, fungi and parasites.

In addition, it’s proved useful for treatment of atherosclerosis, lung diseases, sinusitis, high blood pressure, gastritis, and hemorrhoids, enables weight loss, regulates problems with vision and hearing, and lots more.

What you need for this recipe is 350 grams of garlic and 2 hundred ml 95% alcohol or rum. You could additionally choose alcohol, but ensure it doesn’t incorporate any methanol or benzalkon- chloride.


Peel and clean the garlic thoroughly then mash it. Upload the alcohol then transfer the aggregate in a tumbler bottle. Let it live for 10 days before you pressure it. Save the strained mixture in a tumbler bottle again and refrigerate for two extra days.

The way to use it:

The endorsed method of consumption is a positive quantity of drops for 12 days in a row. Dilute the drops in a tumbler of water and devour earlier than breakfast, lunch and dinner. Begin with one drop earlier than breakfast, two before lunch, and three earlier than dinner on the primary day.

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