Stop eating these 8 foods that cause cancer – Oncologists warn you!

According to medical experts for most types of cancers, that is oncologists, most cancers is a outcome of a chain of complicated activities to which the body is exposed.

Regular activities which include immoderate strain, insufficient bodily pastime, and regions which might be exposed to radiation can make a contribution to the prevalence of this disorder.

The food we devour and is processed can also be a major risk component for most cancers.

These 8 groceries are appropriate to avoid them:


1. Refined and sugary foods

Excessive intake of sugar, by itself, is unhealthy food. If processing is added, then you get an unhealthy calorie bomb. In 2006, American Society for Clinical Nutrition journal said that people who ate lots of sugars had more chance of pancreas cancer.

So, limit these foods and opt more for honey, stevia, maple syrup, molasses and jiggery.

2. Red processed meats

Many harmful additives are in this meat; bacon, ham, sausage and more. Also this meat has loads of salt. The Nutrition and Cancer journal said in a study that excess meat like this can cause colorectal cancer.

There is more; red meat also raises the risk of colorectal AND prostate cancer. Remove such meats and eat grass-fed meats.

3. Smoked/pickled food

The process of smoking of the meats leaves toxins in the meat and this is unhealthy.

Also, pickled foods have nitrates that change to N-nitro so and this triggers cancer. Also, such foods have bunch of preservatives too. This is for the long shelf-life. Excess of this can damage our cells and cause cancer.

4. White flour

Refined flour possesses a bog amount of carbs and this is unhealthy. Studies claimed that women who ate lots of carbs had more risk of breast cancer and such flour raised the sugar levels in the blood fast.

Replace this flour with quinoa, whole wheat, barley and almond flour.

5. Hydrogenated oils

Processed oil are in fact, toxic. They are from veggies to make the shelf life longer and they have omega 6 acids and trans fats too. Even a bit of omega 6 can be healthy, BUT too much of these acids damages the cells and their health. it raises risk of skin cancer the most.

Also, trans fats make more risk of colorectal, breast and prostate cancer. Replace them with coconut, palm and olive oil.

6. Microwave popcorn

This snack has a perfluorooctanoic acid in the packages, which is a toxin.Many studies said this is harmful and also people who had PFOA exposure had more chances if kidney and bladder cancer. Another study said that this chemical causes female infertility. Sadly, these popcorn also have GMOs like propyl gallate.

7. Farmed salmon

Wild and farmed salmon are different a lot. Unlike the farmed one, the wild is healthy and beneficial. Also farmed salmon makes more cancer risks.

Science Magazine made a study where was said that too much salmon chemicals cause the cancer. Some such items are mercury, toxaphene, dioxins, flame retardants and even polychlorinated biphenyls.

At least see the labels for the salmon and remember, farmed one is cheaper!

8. Potato chips

Our favorite snack is shown very unhealthy by many researches. These chips are made with really high heat and this creates acrylamide, carcinogen.

International Journal of Cancer stated that these chips have an item that triggers ovary, prostate, breast and digestive cancers.

Homemade sweet potato or banana chips is great replacement!

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