Use Guava Leaves to Beat Wrinkles, Acne, Dark Spots and Skin Allergies (Recipe)

Possibly every person have once in a while suffered from sure pores and skin issue, whether or not it be wrinkles, pimples, blemishes, hypersensitivities or darkish spots all over the face. fortunately, aside from the cosmetic strategies, we’ve numerous natural options to pick out and to revel in their extremely useful consequences for remedy of these skin situations.


One of these options is to use guava leaves, which might be very powerful in instances of pores and skin troubles. this text exhibits 4 makes use of of guava leaves:

Removal of wrinkles

It’s been scientifically proved that the leaves of guava are even greater beneficial than the fruit. They include anti- cancer residences, and might correctly destroy free radicals inside the body. therefore, guava leaves represent a powerful anti-wrinkle tool. in addition, they’re extremely beneficial in enhancing the pleasant of the pores and skin.

Zits treatments

The american magazine of chinese medication published a have a look at which discovered that guava leaves are quite useful in opposition to microscopic organisms causing zits, on account that they possess extraordinarily powerful antibacterial properties. besides eliminating the reasons of zits, guava leaves can soothe your skin and decrease the appearance of acne.

Lighten dark spots

Guava leaves can also be utilized in treatments of blemishes along with purple and dark spots to your face. They act as a toning agent, and help lessen infection with the aid of destroying microscopic organisms.

Remedy atopic dermatitis

These leaves relieve the redness and irritation due to atopic dermatitis. moreover, they include anti-allergic residences that inhibit the creation of histamines (chemical substances which are launched within the body as part of an allergy, causing the standard itching, sneezing, wheezing and swelling allergic reaction signs).

Method of remedy:

In case of atopic dermatitis, take dried guava leaves. crush them and upload them to a bathtub of warm water. this will successfully relieve itching and redness, thus easing the uncomfortable feeling they produce.

In all other cases, you have to take multiple guava leaves, crush them and add them to a saucepan of boiling water. allow them to boil till the water turns brownish and looks focused. Then, take it faraway from fire and go away it to cool.

Afterwards, practice the tonic all over your face or on the affected place using a cotton ball. permit it act for approximately fifteen mins after which wash your face with lukewarm water. For higher consequences, the remedy ought to be repeated twice every week.

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