In 5 minutes get rid of ingrown hairs and redness skin with single ingredient from the kitchen!

The growth of hair is really boring,we constantly shave them and welcome them again. The easiest way to us somehow be used razor, but when using this method commonly leads to their ingrowth.

As a result, the skin turns red and there may be some bumps or growths. In addition, you will feel itching, irritation and similar discomfort.

Therefore, you need to take care when shaving. It would be good to sometimes use other techniques such as wax,  etc., not only to use shavers. When using a razor, make sure you are not rusted and replace them regularly.

It would be good to use for peeling are, in very simple way : put 1 teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water, and then with cotton apply to the skin. They will clean the skin and reduce swelling.

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